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Hello, Tennis Family,
The SSV Mixed Doubles Tournament was advised by officials to conclude all play today.  That meant both semi-final and final matches had to be played.  For some of our teams that meant playing twice with only a short break in between.  MR had 10 teams in the schedule today.  Several changes in partners occurred throughout the week, but our players remained flexible and dealt with the situations as needed.
Here are the results:
Harold Patterson and Sandra Opdycke  won both their matches today in the 4.0 Championship semi-final and Championship final earning GOLD MEDALS.
Rob and Diane Platford won their 3.0 Championship final match earning GOLD MEDALS.
Mark and Mary Eggleston lost their 4.0 Championship semi-final match.
Wayne Krausnick and Mariette Gordon lost their 2.0 Championship semi-final match. 
Ralph and Audrey Winkler lost their 2.0 Consolation semi-final match.
Darryl Walls and Cathy Berry won their morning 3.5 Consolation semi-final but lost in the Consolation final this afternoon earning SILVER MEDALS.
Randy Law and Pat O’Flaherty won their 3.5 Consolation final match earning GOLD MEDALS.
Gary Nault and Deb Downey won GOLD MEDALS in the 2.0 Championship final match over teammates Don and Sandy Dymock who earned SILVER MEDALS.
Gerald Opdycke and Helen Cook won GOLD MEDALS in the 75+ Championship final.
Congratulations to all our MR players for your efforts this week.
Respectfully submitted,

Margie Crofoot, court reporterGarry Rowe

Garry Rowe

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