Good Morning Mesa tennis club. Most of you are aware the Karl Dekeukelaere fell last Thursday on the tennis court. Paramedic’s were called. The initial worry for those who were on the court at the time was , he had no feeling in his arms and toes. A lot has happened is a week. At first Barb was told the paralysis was permanent, and they would have to do surgery but the surgery would not help with paralysis that already has set in. Barb and Karl are our neighbors (1769). However she sent me great news this morning. With Barb’s permission I am posting her text she sent to me. This is Barb’s narrative.

“We now have an excellent doctor to do the surgery, Dr. Jeanette Liu. She is a very skilled confident neurosurgeon with excellent credentials. Karl and I are so happy to have found her. Karl will be released Wednesday to spend a few weeks healing at home. (Mesa Regal). We will see her again in two weeks for an evaluation and to schedule surgery which will probably be in four weeks. Her expectation is that Karl will not lose range of motion and be fine (obviously baring complications). Karl continues to be upbeat and positive. This is very exciting news!. Thank you everyone for all your prayers and support.

Barbara and Karl

Cathy writing now,

Barb and Karl are relativity new members to our club. He has already signed on to be our 10cap coordinator next fall. They are from New York. They are our neighbors at 1769. I would love to coordinate some meals for them over these next few days. I know our club has wonderful cooks and if you would like to help me, call or find me. 760-662-1969. I also ask for continued prayers on their behalf. Since our normal sunshine lady is not here to send e-cards, let’s see if we can have lots of cards for them. They have a table on their porch you could leave cards or give them to Bob and myself to deliver. Thanks you all for your interest, concern and prayers.

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