Hello, Tennis Family,

It was a tough day on the courts today for many of our teams.  Here are the results of today’s matches and the schedule for tomorrow.

Please note, we have two substitutions for injured men.  Fortunately, the ladies could find new partners quickly and play the first round as scheduled.


    Diane and Gerry – won
    Joni and Sam – lost
    Cyndi and Don – won
    Sandy and Rick Huebsch (sub for Bart) – won
    JoAnn and Ray – lost
    Carole and Harry – lost
    Audrey and Ralph – lost
    Deb and Roger – lost
    Mary Ann and Bill – lost
    Pat and Rob – lost
    Catherine and Dale Haigh (sub for Gary) – won
    Sue and Dan – lost
    Kim and Clayton – lost
    Marcie and Kirk – lost


      8:00 Diane Platford and Gerry Mauer  3.0  Ct. 2
                Sandy Howard and Rick Huebsch  3.5  Ct. 3
                Edna Mast and Bruce Samuelson  3.0  Ct. 6
    11:00  Nancy Peterson and Ken Borle  3.5  Ct. 5
    12:30  Margo Ludwig and Randy Romas  2.5  Ct. 2
      2:00  Sandy Dymock and Bill Griffiths  2.5  Ct. 4
      3:30  Marcie and Kirk Rackow  3.5  Ct. 2
                Joni and Sam Curtis  2.5 Ct. 4
                Pat O’Flaherty and Rob Platford  3.5  Ct. 6




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