Hello, Tennis Family,

Hot off the presses…here is the report for Tuesday’s results and Wednesday’s schedule.


    Diane and Gerry – won
    Sandy and Rick – won
    Edna and Bruce – won
    Nancy and Ken – lost
    Margo and Randy – lost
    Sandy and Bill – won
    Marcie and Kirk – won
    Joni and Sam – lost
    Pat and Rob – won



      8:00 Catherine DeGrandpre and Dale Haigh  3.0  Ct. 2
                Sandy Dymock and Bill Griffiths  2.5  Ct. 4
                Cyndi Griffiths and Don Dymock  2.0T  Ct. 6
    11:00 Edna Mast and Bruce Samuelson  3.0  Ct. 6
    12:30 Kate and Rick Preston  2.0 T Ct. 5
               Sandy Howard and Rick Huebsch  3.5  Ct. 6
      2:00 Sandi Johnson and Mike Downey  2.0 S  Ct. 1
                Cathy and Bob Berry 4.0  Ct. 2
                Diane Platford and Gerry Mauer  3.0  Ct. 4

I am sorry to report that Mary Ann Harding and Bill Diedrich have withdrawn from the tournament due to an injury.

Players, I noticed several changes in court assignments and times so HOPEFULLY I have an accurate report on tomorrow’s schedule.  Please let me know if you find an error.

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