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    Coordinator/ReporterThe nominating committee of Darryl Walls, Nancy Peterson, Sam Friesen and Kate Preston would like to thank all those who volunteered

  • Men’SinglesSunday at 2:00 there will be 4 courts of men playing one set as our final wrap up for the year.  We have had approximately 25 players

  • Friday,  November 18th is the last day  to sign up for the singles play.   Please sign up at the bulletin board or send a message to me at 306-321-6249 or by email at darryl_walls49@yahoo.ca   All interested playe

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  • Well I’ll try this again….I sent the original last night but it did not appear here.   So here we go again….and it will be by memory as the last one did not get saved.  I did not say I was technologically li

  • A big thanks to all members who attended the annual meeting. Lots of good”stuff” got done.  Our financial situation is good. Our membership is about 260 members. All of the executive positions are filled. All the

  • A couple of things.
    Captains,  I need your count of players for next year in tencap and recreational tennis.  Also we would like to have as many captains as possible in place for next year. (If you have enough p

  • Some players re still wondering if the Pickleball/Tennis day is still being held.  Unfortunately this year’s edition was a mutual agreement to cancel. Hoping for better chance next year.

  • Some minor changes have been made by tournament organizer Jim Gawluk to Saturday’s CalAm Fun Day at Towerpoint.  See the bulletin  board for the new schedule.

  • The Towerpoint CalAm fun day schedule  for this Saturday February 18 is complete.  See your times and partners on the bulletin board  at the SKybox. Games start at 8:00 and finish at 2:00.

  • Captains and facilitators would you survey your team at your next practice to find a couple of key bits of information as mentioned at the meeting.

     Are there any individuals who would willing to be a

  • Just a quick reminder of our meeting today at 4:30.  Need to keep lines of communication open and a couple of updates.

  • Silly me.  I forgot that Monday was Valentine’s Day. We will move it to Tuesday February 15 at 4:30.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • A couple of announcements to increase awareness….

     The mixed doubles ladder tournament has been allocated the 9:00 o 10:30 time slot to play some games.  It’s a great time in the morning to do this.  You

  • Thanks to all who attended…work gets done.

    Thank you to the committee who worked on our proposal…lots of good discussion from all of the group and the members of our club.  It shows that we are engaged.   

  • The Towerpoint Tennis Club have decided to host their Fun Day on February 19 starting at 8:00 am. You can sign up on the bulletin board by February 11 and that will be sent to their activities coordinator.

  • First off, I would like to thank the evaluation committee that dealt with the 1.5 and 2.0 tennis players. You were tasked with a challenging situation, in a limited time frame and with some interesting parameters.

  • I have asked Wayne to post the report from the committee that was created to look at the tencap/rec issues that were being discussed at our regular meeting.  Also a copy will be placed on the bulletin board.

  • I attended my first East Valley Seniors Tennis League meeting on Friday .  Aside from getting lost by the softball diamond and being called an Iowa driver,  the meeting proved to be enlightening.  People who rep

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