• I am sending you the attached letter on behalf of our club president Darryl Walls.  Many of you may have already seen this letter from the EVSTL REC Tennis committee.  But you may not have received it if you are n

  • See Below  Venture Out is again hosting the Venture Out Fall Classic.  This has been one of my favorite tournaments each year.  It seems more relaxed with everyone just returning.  I am encouraging you to lin

  • Good Morning everyone.  You all should have received Albano’s survey link yesterday regarding your intentions for tennis play next season.  We are getting a good response, but I do want to urge each of you to c

  • My earlier post asked for a spot to park my ATV. Thanks everyone that responded. I have some options.

  • Hi All.  I am leaving my car and my Polaris ATV here over the summer.  Does anyone have a car port that I can park my ATV .  I am leaving around second week of April and returning first week of October.  Tha

  • Please find the Mesa Regal Nominations Committee  report for 2021-22 Officers and Committee Coordinators.

    Any member wishing to submit a nomination to be addressed at our Annual Meeting, please forward that

  • Just a quick reminder that your response to the Val Vista/Apache Wells survey is due no later than tomorrow. Thank  you to all of you that have already responded

    Second item.  Reminder, our March club meeting i

  • With much regret I am sharing Garry and Marg’s announcement.  The Rowes contributed so very much to the Mesa Regal Tennis Club and to so many of us personally. They are going to be missed.

    Ken.  Can you pl

  • Ken, would you please email our members this message?

    Thank you so much for your generous donations to our Sunshine Acres project.  Ours assure you they are deeply appreciated. I am still collecting the

  • Hi Everyone.  I have included an attachment of the survey results.  It might be easier to view or print.

    We received 125 responses to the survey which is about 50% of membership. To be honest I was hoping for a

  • We sent each of you a survey link and asked each of you to respond by the 8th.  The survey asks whether you will be returning next season and you play preferences (social, Recreational, 10-Cap). I realize we have

    • My wife and I will not be able to return our stay at Mesa Regal this season because of the boarder and travel restrictions. I hope it is all cleared up for next season.
      I express my apologies for not being there to manage the court maintenance this year. As I expected, there are many other players that would step up to the task and thanks to every one that help.
      I have no experience with organized tennis within the club and I am sure that I would enjoy that type of tennis competition. But I have always looked forward to my day of scheduled out of park play. Although some of the make up games did not seem to be set up competitively equal. A lot of the make up games opposition players seemed to be of players that have had a lot of experience in the game but have not been set up in the Ten Cap System until just recently. So maybe the social aspect of the game is more appropriate for players of my experience and age.

  • Hi everyone.  Sue Yoggerst shared the following message with me and asked that I post it.  Sue lives at 1835.  She will be putting out three boxes. One for chips (so they don’t get crushed), one for pasta sauce &

  • Mesa Regal management contacted me today informing us that tennis players from other Cal-Am parks would no longer be allowed to play here at MR (a corporate decision).  They stated that they had it on good

  • Our nominating committee has been very busy developing the roster of the various program coordinators for the coming year.  Thanks to all of you that have agreed to volunteer for these positions. Clearly our club

  • Last week I shared that Cal-Am was holding a new years event.  The cost was $25 per person.  If you didn’t see it, Cal-Am is waiving the cost of tickets, so it is a free event.  This is not a tennis club event, bu

  • Hi Everyone.   The Mesa Regal Activities office contacted me and asked that I remind the Tennis Club that Mesa Regal is putting on a News Years Party.  Details are posted below.  I feel it’s great that the par

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