No, not the movie

The included photos are in recognition of the Magnificent Seven formerly known as the “Old Guard” ( sorry Win) who have been patrolling the scorers’ chairs here at Mesa Regal Tennis Club for what seems like forever.

As Allen himself said at the annual meeting, scorekeepers are our unsung heroes.  We see them every day putting in their volunteer time with all different levels of tennis.  Perhaps they should even be officiating at 3.5 and 4.0 (even professionals have scorekeepers albeit they do lot more).  This year,  the scorekeepers did a remarkable job at our tournament.

Maybe a person could tally the number of years these veteran members have been keeping track of our points.  Better still, and a far bigger challenge, would be to try to guess the number of games that they have done.  Even they could not calculate the number if asked.  I am sure that they have seen countless foot faults, missed calls, terrific points and the unusual ones as well.

Thanks for all the work that you folks and others have done to make playing at Mesa Regal a rewarding experience.   

Thank you Allen Clow,  John Bostad, Win Clow, Bill Deidrich, Toni and Jerry Johnson, and Bill Stephens for setting a standard of excellence and character for others to follow.  It will be up to the new folks like Glen, Margo, Wayne, Pat, Clovis, Ken, Clive and scores of others to carry the group forward (The Magnificent Seven Chapter Two?).

Margo, the new coordinator, best of luck in the following year. 

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