Hollis O’Brien has volunteered to lead our Feb. 14-16 Breakout Tournament.  Not many know Hollis yet, as he is new to our club and has permitted me to share a bit about him here:  he’s on our 4.0 team but came too late in the year to play league.  He lives full-time at MR and is a former athletic director. 👍😁.   It seems this tournament is certainly in his wheelhouse, yea!

I have assured him that most of the key tournament department heads are in place (50:50, sound, food, scorekeepers, etc.) and the Boulet’s have agreed to assist and teach him the ropes.  I also assured Hollis that the whole club will help, right?  We have decisions to make about expanding the brackets to include 2.5’s, so this could be big.

I am grateful to Hollis now, and all who have worked so hard to make our tournament fun and successful.  Without this fundraiser, we would have had to find another way to maintain our budget without increasing fees.

I just wanted you all to hear the good news and I just know Hollis is going to enjoy our club, as I do.  Best regards and health,

Diane Borle, President


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