We sent each of you a survey link and asked each of you to respond by the 8th.  The survey asks whether you will be returning next season and you play preferences (social, Recreational, 10-Cap). I realize we have a few days left, but I did want to remind everyone  to complete the survey.   We really need this information.  Thank you.

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  1. Jerry Freeman 3 years ago

    My wife and I will not be able to return our stay at Mesa Regal this season because of the boarder and travel restrictions. I hope it is all cleared up for next season.
    I express my apologies for not being there to manage the court maintenance this year. As I expected, there are many other players that would step up to the task and thanks to every one that help.
    I have no experience with organized tennis within the club and I am sure that I would enjoy that type of tennis competition. But I have always looked forward to my day of scheduled out of park play. Although some of the make up games did not seem to be set up competitively equal. A lot of the make up games opposition players seemed to be of players that have had a lot of experience in the game but have not been set up in the Ten Cap System until just recently. So maybe the social aspect of the game is more appropriate for players of my experience and age.

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