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The Mesa Regal Tennis Club is for residents and guests of the Mesa Regal RV Park, in Mesa, Arizona. We are a non-profit club that was created for the fun of tennis. We are a group of about 300 members and some of us never picked up a racket till we joined this fantastic group. We invite our beginner guests, residents or not, to register for our 1.5 (Beginners) Tournament below. If you are currently a member, please click the login button to the right.

1.5 and 2.0 Breakout Tournament

Mesa Regal’s 1.5 and 2.0 tournament is a fun tournament for both men and women at the 1.5 level and 2.0 level.

The 2024 tournament will be held over the weekend of February 16 starting at 11:00 AM and then Feb 17 starting at 8:30 AM  and Feb 18 starting at 11:00 AM. The cost of the tournament is $15 per person or $30 per team.

Our format will be 3 eight team mini-tournaments for both men and women at the 2.0 level. There is a mini 4 team tournament for the 1.5  women’s level and medals will ba awarded to the winner of the Championship side and to the winner of the Consolation side.  Champions side winner will receive a gold medal and a silver will be awarded to the loser of the Championship game and Consolation winner will be awarded a bronze medal.in each 8 team bracket. 1.5 men will play a 3 team round robin with the winner receiving a gold medal. The deadline to sign up is February 10th.

Follow the link below to register.

Player Registration

Tournament Rules

New Members

Many of us never picked up a racket till we joined the club. We provide an encouraging atmosphere for all.  We have many options.

  1. You can join a team, learn under the tutelage of our wonderful coaches,  and compete with other teams from around the East Valley. The teams practice at least once a week and have a competitive match each week.
  2. If you are more laid back, you can join our social group and play in a more casual environment with friends from within the Park.
  3. Finally, if you just want to participate in our numerous social events, you can join as a non-player.

Regardless of your choice, we are all looking forward to meeting you.

For more information, click the link below to send us an email. If you are ready to jump in, click the Register button.

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