Karl Dekeukelare

The President has primary responsibility for upholding the Club’s Bylaws, all related procedures and undertakings, and the overall operation of the Club. The President ensures that officers of the Club fulfill their responsibilities. The President chairs, or delegates the chair, for all meetings and represents the Club at all EVSTL meetings. The President signs all official documents of the Club, appoints standing and special committees, and performs other duties customarily pertaining to the office of President.

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The Vice President will assist the President and perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President. The Vice President will chair the MRTC Rating Committee (see Appendix 1 – MRTC Rating Policy – revised November 7, 2016). When elected, the Vice President agrees to allow his/her name to stand for the position of President the following tennis season.



Diane Borle

The Secretary will keep minutes of the proceedings of the Club and of the Board. The Secretary will post the minutes of proceedings on the Club website and on the Club bulletin board. The Secretary will handle correspondence, issue meeting notices to members and update the bulletin board with revised materials (rosters, member lists).

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Cyndi Griffiths

The Treasurer will collect and deposit all monies due or belonging to the club into the Club’s bank account. The Treasurer will pay all authenticated bills of the Club and make financial reports (including financial projections) at Club meetings. He/she will submit an annual report upon completion of the term of office. The books of the Treasurer shall be open for inspection at all times by Club members, within five (5) days of a valid request. An independent annual review of the “books” will be conducted by a qualified person/company approved by the President.

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Wayne Krausnick

The Tenniscores Coordinator will be the representative to EVSTL regarding Tenniscores issues. He/she will be responsible for inputting new members into the Tenniscores system and for training captains in the fall before the start of the season. The Tenniscores Coordinator will assist to ensure teams are appropriately staffed and entered in the Tenniscores system. He/she will assist captains and ensure the matches and scores are entered correctly. Finally, he/she will help the captains keep their rosters of active and inactive players current.

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