I would like to take a couple of minutes of your time to discuss future league operations.  We will no longer have access to tencap beginning in January 2023.  While roughly half of our members will not be upset by it’s demise all of are asking what comes next?

Darryl formed a committee in January to address membership concerns on the way the league organizes and schedules matches.  Our proposals were not fully addressed, but we felt it was just a matter of time before the league would have to pivot away from the failures of tencap.  I am confident that a new format that stresses competitive fun tennis without tencap baggage will be a net positive for senior league tennis at our club and EVSTL.

It is feasible that the new format will combine both types of play into a unified team, one league concept.  Captains will continue to coordinate and set the lineups.  It will likely match strength vs strength and stress win percentages as a measure of performance for the former tencap players.  Recreational matches will be setup to allow good fun competition between clubs.

The details of how we will operate have not been established.  We will provide you with additional details as we receive guidance from the league.  The only thing that I can guarantee at this time is there will be sugar coated pastries for all home matches.

Randy Law,


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