• Please Please Please, do not take the gently used balls from the tan garbage can at the bottom of the stairs. These balls are used to fill the ball machines when they get worn out. All league balls go from new

  • Well it’s that time of year again. Our league matches start next week so I will be at the skybox on Saturday from 10-11 AM to hand out team balls. Please send a representative from each team level to pick up a c

  • The ball machine on court 3 will be removed later in the month, unless one of you year rounders would like to keep an eye on it. You know, if it rains get it higher ground. If no one wants it I will put it

  • The first week in April I will be removing all but one ball machine

    (court 3 will remain). There will be lots of used balls left, so if you need some come and get them.

    On another note: looks like we are

  • Just a reminder that all unopened club balls should be returned to me at #946 after your last home match. Please mark who returned them and level of play.

    Thanks Gerry

  • I will be selling 6 cans of tennis balls for $20.00 after the Monday meeting.


  • I will be selling 6 cans of tennis balls for $20 after the Monday meeting.

  • I will be in the skybox tomorrow, November 10th from 9-10 am. If interested pleas bring $20.00 cash or check for 6 sleeves of balls. At this time, 6 sleeves per household only.

    Thanks, Gerry


  • tennis balls will be available for purchase tomorrow, Sunday 10-31 at 11am. Six cans for $20 cash or check.
    also, the team captains need to pick up a case of balls for estvl play.

    Thanks, Gerry

  • Gerry Maurer posted an update 1 year ago

    Tennis balls will be available for purchase tomorrow, Sunday 10-31 from 11am to noon. Also, will all the team captain’s stop by and pick up your case of balls to start the season. Thanks, Gerry

  • Donna Lamb has secured more tennis balls for members to buy. I will be at the skybox on Saturday October 30th from 9-10am, if you want to purchase some. Because of limited supply, each household can purchase 6

  • A BIG shout out to Donna Lamb for securing 50 cases of balls for our club. These should take us though the season. With that in mind, please bring your own personal balls for recreation play. Hope to see you all

  • Looks like there is a ball shortage. If any of you are driving back to Mesa and
    have room to bring a case or two with you that would be great. I have calls out looking to buy direct. Thanks again, Gerry
    See you all soon.

  • The club has 2 cases of new balls for sale, 3 cans for $5.00.

    Also lots of gently used balls are available for free.

    If you’re interested, call me at 262-220-4896.


  • What happened to this post?

      • Here is the lineup for tomorrow’s play:

        3:00 start is the 1.5-2.5 group women: Sam Friesen, Joan Diedrick, Pat McWherter, Cindi Griffiths, Rosr Forrest, MaryAnne Law, Judy Farlow-Chrislett, Deb D

      • We need one woman to fill the 1.5-2.5 bracket. All other spots are full, thank you for filling them. Please email me directly as the sheets are down. See you all Sunday!!!!


      • We still have slots to fill: 1.5-2.5 needs 7 women and 5 men. The 3.0-4.0 women has 2 spots open, men is full, thanks guys.
        I am willing to open up all groups to fill the slots. Could have men vs men at the both

      • Rain will be ending later today. Lets meet on the courts at 8:00 am tomorrow so STARS will be able to play. Thanks, Gerry

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