A number of tennis members have indicated they will be leaving Mesa Regal earlier than planned.  For that reason, we are moving the close up to next week.  This does not mean the courts will not be available for play.  Jerry Freeman, our courts maintenance coordinator, and I put together the following work plan:

1.  Between now and Tuesday, Gary Rowe will need a couple of people to help him secure the computer, clock and monitor.  Most of this equipment will be placed in the kitchen trailer.
2.  Tuesday morning, Mark Eggleston will oversee moving the ball machines and ball machine cabinets up under the skybox canopy.  We intend to leave one machine on the courts for summer use.  Harold Patterson will oversee this machine.
3.  Bernard will coordinate moving equipment to under the skybox. Items to be placed underneath are:
    a. the foam cushions and their storage cabinets.
    b. the score flip charts and covers.
    c. the scorekeeper chairs.
4.  The blue cushions will be stored in the kitchen trailer.
5. Cal Am has asked that we leave our newest nets on courts one and two so we will not be moving nets.  PS: we did order two new nets that Cal Am will reimburse us for.  
6.  Metal chairs will be placed under the skybox canopy.
7. Both the high and low chairs with fabric seats will be placed under the sky box to the extent that they fit.
8.  Propane heaters go under skybox canopy.
9.  Court trash cans go under skybox.
OUR PLAN is to do the close up this coming Tuesday Morning at 8:30 am.  I know the tournament is going and encourage you to go and support our teams, but we want to get items stored before the forecasted rain hits us on Wednesday.
With the number of people leaving early, could you drop me a note if you can help. (kenborle@yahoo.com). 7 or 8 guys can easily have this done in 45 minutes.  
Thanks everyone and have a great summer.  
Ken Borle

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