Diane and I are back in Mesa,  Here is an update on where the club sits. I will continue to give you as much information as possible as questions get answered. As much as I would like to get back to match play as soon as possible, I had a total knee replacement seven weeks ago and will be moving slow for a while.

I met with Cal-Am this week.  Here’s what I heard from them:

    Guests are not allowed on the MR courts, which means inter-resort play is out for now. EXCEPTION:  Players from other Cal-Am resorts may play at MR.
    We can use the Skybox. Technically there is a 50 person maximum. Everyone must wear a mask and abide by social distancing.
    Masks must be worn at all times, except when actually playing.
    No food may be served at the skybox. Maybe coffee, but only if served. (no touching)
    Cal-Am guests are allowed access to restrooms.
    We are checking whether we will have our welcome back party inside or out. Gary Nault has agreed to look into this.  There can be no food unless catered (no potluck or sharing snacks). They will get back to us if BYOB is OK.
    The Christmas party has been moved from December 5 to December 12. Cathy and Sue are beginning that plan. State law prohibits any gathering in excess of 50 people.
    Cal-Am cleaned off the courts but we will likely schedule another cleaning before November. We will also be scheduling a skybox cleanup soon.  The tables, chairs and deck really need to be washed.
    Our first club meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 2. It would be held in the skybox area starting at 4:30 PM. (please watch for possible changes of this time and date).  Thereafter, club meetings cannot begin until 5:30 PM and will be indoors, subject to social distancing, max 50 member etc.  (the explanation for 5:30 vs 4:30 will be given at our meeting)
    I will be looking for some help setting up the Skybox screen and computer soon. It will help court scheduling; however it’s not an immediate issue.


As you are aware, there will be no EVSTL league play until January at the earliest.

Earlier I shared a proposed format for tennis matches to be held in an intra-club basis.  I feel it is very important that we still have organized play and events within the Tennis Club structure. I have attached a copy of that document.

I am looking into inviting other Cal-Am resorts to play matches. While there are restrictions on player guests, other Cal-Am players are welcome.  There are three other Cal-Am tennis teams: Apache Wells/Val-Vista. Tower Point, and VDO.  I have contacted these clubs and asked if they would be interested in weekly matches scheduled similar to our normal league play.  I have also suggested that it would be organized similar to the intra-club format I have attached. To get sufficient players, captains would be encouraged to use play ups and downs using the 10 cap ratings.  Look this over for a better understanding of how this could work.  I would further encourage clubs with an odd number of players to share players from the opposing team to come up with a match.  Match days would be the same as we have been using. (e.g. 3.5 play Monday mornings)

I have heard back from VDO.  They are interested.  We will wait to hear from TP and AW/VV. MR tennis club or individual players are under no obligation to play this inter Cal-Am match play.  MR is going to be short players at a number of levels.  By matching up with other parks, we increase the opportunities to have competitive matches. There will be plenty of courts for anyone not wanting to play other parks.  We will discuss this at our club meeting if we want to make changes, but we need to begin planning if we are going to have a program set up by November.

Two final points to this lengthy e-mail:

    If parks are opened up to allow EVSTL play under the Recreations Tennis Plan shared with you this past spring, EVSTL play should take first priority.
    Whatever we decide to do, the first priority IS TO HAVE FUN.



Ken Borle. President

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