I talked to Cal-Am management today.  They have not taken a final position on whether other Cal-Am parks will be allowed to play at Mesa Regal.  What we did agree is we can proceed with our Recreational Tennis program as shared with you until decided differently.  I have asked Val Visa, VDO and Tower  to submit the names of players by level that want to play.  Play starts next week.

Remember, the two things we are trying to accomplish is: We want to maintain club organized tennis, and we want to have fun.

So if you are interested in playing recreational tennis you need to contact your respective captain to indicate your interest.  List of captains is attached.

For example, if you want to play 3.5 tennis, contact Jerry Opdycke asap.  They play Monday.  Remember, we are encouraging play ups and play downs.  We want to play tennis.

More information to follow.

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