Hello, Tennis Family,

The MRTC stringing shop is open for business.  I can restring your racquet, adjust the grip size, replace the grip, or help with advice on buying a new racquet.  I have a variety of strings available in nylon and polyester, some with spin potential, and some that can be paired as hybrids for a combination of spin and comfort.  I will discuss with you any special needs and can recommend strings and tensions that best match your playing style or arm health issues.   I, also, have a few vibration dampeners available.  Costs are $28/nylon, $30/poly or hybrid, or $38/premium strings.  If you supply your own strings the cost for stringing is $15.

Fresh strings can make such a positive difference in your tennis game.  You get more feel, control, and “pop” off a newly-strung racquet.  Many players have their strings replaced in the fall as the season begins and then again in the spring if they will play over the summer.

I am located at MR site #1765.  I can be contacted by emailing  jmcrofeet@gmail.com or calling 480-266-4480 to arrange an appointment.

Here’s to a safe and enjoyable tennis season.

Margie Crofoot

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