First, to everyone playing or around the Skybox: REMINDER  WE MUST WASH OUR HANDS IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING PLAY BEFORE YOU TOUCH MOUTH EYES ETC. AND MAINTAIN SOCIAL DIATANCING AT ALL TIMES. One careless act could put all tennis play in jeopardy.   Everyone, make this a priority.  Some of the other resorts are really tightening up due to this virus.

     Recreational tennis will have a great start next week:  3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 all have good lineups scheduled.  2.0/2.5 are a bit of a struggle and we are trying to find more players ready to play.  Albano Lima and Deb Downey are coordinating 2.0/2.5 play.  Please contact them if you want to play.  As we move forward, the interest will grow. Please come down to the Sky Box and watch play.
    For anyone wanting to play Recreational Tennis,  you need to contact our MR Captains.  The revised captain contact list is attached. Remember, play ups and downs are encouraged.  Our captains will make the matchups.  Recreational tennis is intended to provide you a chance to play competitive matches and have fun, period.
    We will be reserving court time for Social Tennis.  I do not have a coordinator yet.  I will post the play times. If interested, show up, pair up and play. This is separate from Recreational Tennis, but all are welcome.
    We are working on setting up court times for mixed doubles.  I think I have a coordinator.  We will put up a signup sheet early next week.  We are working on specifics, and will share the play times asap.
    We have put in work orders to repair the fence on court 5, as wire has come loose from the base.  Also we have asked the chip on court 2 be filled in to avoid tripping and the bushes at the southeast corner of the courts be trimmed so we don’t get so many leaves on the courts.
    Cal-Am Capital Requests:  Disinfection dispensers be installed at the Sky Box. Bottles tend to disappear.  And a touchless drinking fountain be installed.
    Bad News:  Gary and Bev Nault are moving to SVE in January.  They have been very active in the club both last year and this fall.  Especially concerning is Gary is our Web Master. A Hard position to replace.
    Good News:  Albano Lima has agreed to step up as our new Web Master in January,  Thank Al.
    Otherwise we just wanted to give you an update on some of the issues we have.  Minutes of our Monday meeting will be posted on our web site.  I hope when the border opens and we have a cure to the virus, we will see many more of you back in the park.

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