This is on behalf of Darryl Walls, Tennis Club President

First, I know there are many uncertainties regarding the US border, Covid protocols and even rumors that Cal-Am may again restrict visitors to our courts.  With regard to the border, we have to assume some bit of sanity will prevail and things will open up in October.   With regard to Cal-Am and visitors, I am meeting with MR’s new Activities Director on Monday and hopefully will be able to share more information.

The primary purpose of this email is to ask you to volunteer to serve as an interim team captain.    Before you dismiss this request, understand this would be for a limited period of time.  It just gives each team coordinator to begin play in November. When more players return, each team can hold an election to select a captain.  Also, November and December will essentially be combining Ten-Cap and Rec Tennis.  You would not be recording ten-cap match results.   Your job would be to see how many players you have, how many courts are available, and communicate with the opposing team captain to arrange matchups.  There will be training on how to input match schedules which will be pretty simple.  I want to emphasize that it’s our intent to get as many players back playing tennis as possible.  As captain, we just need you to coordinate setting up the matches.

If you have any questions, please let me know. E-mail me ( with your willingness to serve as an interim captain as soon as possible. I think you will find it a great experience. Thank you.

PS We will need to get an idea of who and how many players we will have at each level very soon. We will be sending out a survey shortly.  Please respond to it promptly.  Again, Thank you.


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