Firstly, there was an error in one of my announcements.  Clovis is the scorekeepers coordinator ….however he does not supply the scorekeepers…it is the CAPTAIN or his designate, who will contact the scorekeepers from the list that is provided to them.  Sorry for the mix up.  I was sorted out quickly  on it.

Secondly, the list of members has been posted at the SKybox for any information that you may need .

Thirdly, to all members and the Captains in particular…Courts 5 and 6 will not be available from November 29th until December 3rd as they will be used for the Steve Judy Pickleball  tournament.  They may be available on ‘December 2 or 3 as these were designated rain days.  Stay tuned.  And go watch some top notch Pickleball if you have time.  Also with regards to courts, in the near future, court 1 will be under repair, so be aware of that possibility.

Fourthly, the sign up sheet for Men’s singles will be taken down at the end of the week.  If you are interested, get your name there.

Fifthly, a ladies’ sign up sheet has been posted there as well.  If you are interested , sign up.

Seventhly, evaluations will happening soon.  The committee has met and will be informing those members who signed up for an evaluation of times and dates.  Stay tuned.

Eighthly….did you see I missed sixthly….smile…it has been busy, busy, busy,….Have a good day…

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