There continues to be a concern in the EVSTL about players being “stuck”, either at a level or Tencap rating. The logic used to describe the situation of being “stuck” ignores some very important facts.
There are only three possibilities for a player’s rating.
1. Players will stay at approximately the same Tencap rating (within a few points), displaying a relatively flat trend line. This means their playing ability is about the same as their opponents who hold ratings influenced by many other opponents.

2. Players will gradually decrease their Tencap rating, displaying a decreasing trend line. This means they are playing better than their opponents.

3. Players will gradually increase their Tencap rating, displaying an increasing trend line. This means their opponents are playing better than the player.
In summary, players who feel “”stuck”” are not playing better than their opponents over time, and that is why their rating does not improve. 
We all become “stuck” when we are playing at the level we should be.

Recently the EVSTL granted changes to Tencap Ratings to allow some “”stuck”” players to move to a better level. In only a few matches almost all players ratings are trending higher, and in some cases, ratings are higher than they were originally.
Anyone who wants to improve their Tencap rating, or level, must earn this by better play on the court. If you want to become the player that has a decreasing trend line (lowering Tencap rating), you can; by practicing, coaching, and improving strength and conditioning. Then you must play better than your opponents.
We have all been playing tennis long enough to realize it’s no fun losing 6-0, 6-1, just like it’s no fun winning 6-0, 6-1. 
It doesn’t matter what your Tencap rating or level of play is. Play at a level where you are competitive and have a close, fun, match. 
Thank you,
Clayton Peterson

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