Another fun year at Mesa Regal is winding down.  Mary Anne and I will be leaving Friday.  I and many of you will once again question why we left so early a few days after reaching our northern destinations.

It has been an up and down year.  We were able to reunite with friends who were not able to make the trip last year.  We played league tennis and enjoyed the socializing that we had gotten used to pre pandemic.  We were also saddened by the unexpected loss of one of our more active players.  Losing Eddie is a reminder that we need to appreciate our health and live our dreams.

I would like to thank Darryl for his leadership.  It was a challenging year and he was able to meet those challenges and move us forward with overwhelming cooperation and support from our members.  I would also like to commend Ken for his efforts in making recreation tennis a permanent part of our league structure.  He was also instrumental in bringing Val Vista and Apache Wells into our club.  Diane Platford also needs to be recognized for her ongoing role in forming teams under the new EVSTL guidelines.   Finally, to all of you who quietly perform the duties that make it possible to function effectively as a tennis club, thank you.

The Executive Committee will attempt to build on the successes that were realized this year.  We will return coaching to each skill level and build team cohesiveness.  We will try to ensure that more matches will be made available to our players whether playing ten cap or recreation tennis,  and we will ensure that social tennis will continue to be an important part of our club activity.  We need to make playing tennis fun and also fun to watch.  Maybe we will be able to eat donuts again at the skybox as we cheer on our teams.  I am confident we can make all of this happen.  Have a great summer.


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