Everyone should have received an email from MRTC Webmaster ( with their Username and Password. If you lost it, it ended up in your junk mail, … not to worry, it is easy to get back.

The website will send you a new password and you can login by going to and entering your new password. For help signing in click, Sign In Video.

Our new website will allow us to sign up for events online, pay our dues online, easily communicate with one another, subscribe to club announcements, and share photos with one another.

After you get signed in, I suggest that you check out the help videos within the main help menu and view the Setup video. This will get you started and give you a feel for the site.

This site is currently only for testing and familiarization. All events that you sign up for are notional and will be deleted by the end of August. All photos that you share, friends that you add, teams/groups that you join will remain. Please play with the site, check out the help videos, ”sign up” for events, add posts, add photos, and explore PayPal. Not to worry, we are still in the beta phase – there is no way for you to hurt anything.

  • PayPal Username:
  • password: 6KanJe>3
  • Don’t worry – no money is going anywhere.

We expect to go live by the end of September. In October,  you will be able to sign up for real events and pay your dues online.

Don’t worry if you have information on the old site,, it will still be available.

I plan on hosting zoom meetings to answer any questions that you may have. Go to the Help Area, Click on a Zoom Meeting and Sign Up. Zoom is a free application that will run on your PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Go to or your app store to download.

Thanks for your help,




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