Welcome back Everyone!

Just a reminder to make sure your health information cards are up to date.  If you don’t have one please ask me or your captains or at registration for a card that you can keep in your tennis bag.  It also would be important for each member to keep a little first aid kit in your tennis bag for minor injuries.

Suggestion to keep in a ziplock bag: antiseptic swaps, antibiotic ointment, 2×2 gauze, bandaids, topical wound seal powder

The main first aid kit is located in the canteen along with the cooler for ice packs (in the chest freezer).  Both of these items should probably be utilized and brought down to the courts during match play. Also, there is a portable wheelchair located beside the small fridge in the canteen; as are 2 pairs of crutches if needed.

Happy Days:-) Pat

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