Happy Thanksgiving to our American members…enjoy


Happy second Thanksgiving to our Canadian members…enjoy another..

A reminder to all those who need to be reminded….please pay your MRTC membership as soon as possible…either on line or to Sue Yoggerst.  Memberships SHOULD be paid prior to any services that you partake from our club.  Hopefully, our MPs (membership pesterers) won’t have to track you down, as I hear they are pretty nasty.  Thanks…

I attended a brief but informative meeting at Val Vista.  They are excited to be involved with Mesa Regal and will have lots to contribute to our club…welcome aboard.  Cathy Berry was also there promoting the Christmas gala.  More to follow.

The recreation schedule for the next week is not in place.  I’ll keep you posted as to any update.  Our MCI (an accounting of our teams for the year) was sent in to the East Valley Senior’s Tennis League (EVSTL) and we will see a schedule for next year’s play in both recreational and tencap in  the weeks to come.

Pickleball will have the courts 5 and 6  this week as you will see on the reservation board…

I am hoping to have a Captain’s/Coordinators meeting for all tencap and recreational leaders to discuss and clarify roles and responsibilities… if you are one of those or are willing to be one of those, keep watching this space and the SKybox for possible meeting time and date….thinking next week Tuesday????

Thanks to the Evaluation committee….we are gettin er done…

Looks like ladies’ singles and men’s singles has some interest…awesome…

Finally, tennis has to be the most romantic game…because after all, before any match it is LOVE ALL


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