At the next meeting of the MRTC on January 3, 2022, one of the items on the agenda is going to be a discussion regarding tencap and recreational tennis and the members views of both and how it is functioning.  I would like people to think about what has happened and possible changes.  Right now as it stands, some clubs have members making a choice between tencap and Rec tennis, some allow both (like Mesa Regal) and a couple have pulled out completely from the Tencap and are doing in house play (only their resort, no outside teams).

What do we want for our future?  Can both exist?

No evaluating system is perfect.  Tencap, I believe, was designed as a way to rate single’s play and has been somewhat modified.  It does not seem to work well for seniors nor doubles except perhaps in the long run (which we as seniors may not have).

An alternative has been pr0posed whereby players would be still placed in their level ie 3.0 but captains would randomly select partners each week to play other like-minded resorts.

Scores would not be kept but wins would be.  If you are the top player, you would move up into the next level.  If you are at the bottom, you would move down a level.  It would be something like a ladder tournament.  Have you got any other suggestions or ideas?

At the meeting I would like to get a feeling from the members present about ideas.


The alternatives might be something like:

Do you favour the tencap system  as the way to continue?

Would you prefer a more recreation oriented style of play?

This will not be a long discussion but I would like to know the club’s overall response to the above.  There is method in my madness!

I have a president’s meeting of the EVSTL on January 9, 2022 and I would like some direction from Mesa Regal.


Give it some thought please and come prepared to discuss.  I need your direction.

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