There has been some discussion about levels in tencap and rec in the evstl system.  I’ll try to clarify.

In TENCAP for this year only, a player may move .5 in his tennis level.  In order to move up, the player must be evaluated.  If the committee decides that you can move up, you will be able to.  The factor that you must consider is that your tencap number will remain the same.  So you move up to a level but your tencap number will remain the same. That means that you will have a number the may be difficult to match and may lead to wide swings.  However, the move is your choice.  Other players may be reluctant to be your partner.


In REC tennis , you can use your previous tencap level to play.  You may however, without evaluation, elect to play in a level either, up or down.  For example, a 3.0 could play at a 2.5 or 3.5 level

For the first half of the season, results are not entered into the system to affect  the tencap numbers.  However, for play beginning in January, tencap numbers  for those tencap players will be calculated. There is no effect on rec players.


As president, I am asking those rec players who are moving,  to stay within the level that they have chosen.  Do not move back and forth.  It will make for a more stable team for the foreseeable future.  Moving back and forth will be confusing and counterproductive.

Also as I have indicated before, re and tencap players will have scorekeepers.  So it is dependent upon our players to make sure that they volunteer for said positions.  New balls will also be provided.

Clear as mud?

Go Riders.

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