Hello, Tennis Family,

Here are the results of the finals in the SVE Holiday Mixed Doubles Tournament which were played today.

Cathy and Bob Berry came up against a tough team from SVE in their final match. They won in a match tiebreaker earning a Gold medal in the 7.5 Division Consolation Round.  Congratulations!

Susan Shaink and Dan Kalybaba played a team from Sunland Village. It was a battle but they lost their final match earning a Silver medal in the 7.0 Division Consolation Round.  Well Done!

Vivian Walls and Mark Nameth moved through the Championship Round and entered their final match undefeated. They came up against a talented team from GV.  They lost and earned a Silver Medal in the 6.0 Division Championship Round.  Congratulations!

That’s it for this year’s holiday tournament!  League play is over for this session and will begin again in January.

Respectfully submitted,

Margie Crofoot, court reporter



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