The SVE Tournament was posted through the 10-Cap Web site.  For those of you note playing 10-Cap, you may not have received this information. I would encourage REC and Social players to participate. These tournaments are great fun.

??The Tournament is Back!!!??

32nd year for the CHAMPIONSHIPS at SVE

Doubles Tennis Tournament

March 7-12, 2022


And new this year:


EVSTL League Rec players, Tencap players and Social players!


Player Entry Criteria


The Championships at SVE Tournament is sponsored by the SVE Tennis Club.  This tournament is not governed by the EVSTL, but all players who participate must be club members who play in one of the member clubs that make up the EVSTL.  Recreational players within the member clubs are eligible and encouraged to enter this tournament the same as those who play in the tencap tennis league!  Social players who do not play in the EVSTL Rec league in 21-22, but are local club members of an EVSTL club, are also eligible to enter.


The goal is for Fun and Fair competition for all players who enter.  While Rec players may choose not to play in the Tencap league, most do like to play good tennis and win their matches.  Those who like to play with players from other parks, may very well enjoy playing Fun and Fair matches in the tournament too!  Rec players and Tencap players will be in the same brackets at their level and all treated equally.  A social or Rec player and a Tencap player may play as a team if they want.


For this tournament, if a player has played 1 or more matches that counted for their tencap rating this year, they are considered a tencap player for the purpose of entering the tournament.  Due to the 1 1/2 years of not playing Tencap matches, the Tencap numbers will likely not be as accurate a measure of the playing ability of players as in past years.  Some will be better and some not as good as their Tencap rating.  The goal is to try to make the most equitable player ability matches in the brackets,

LEVEL of PLAY at Tournament


Rec players:  EVSTL Rec players will play in the tournament at the same level they played in the Rec League at the end of January, 2022.  Since the players will be seeded in the brackets so the better playing ability players are more likely to play each other near the end, instead of early in the tournament, we require 2 local club ?officials? to verify the entrants level and as an A player, a B player, or a C player within their level.  The A player is a strong player at that level, a B player not as strong, and a C player the least strong within that level.  Rec players may have a Tencap number from previous years, but if they have not played a Tencap match this season, they are considered a Rec player.


Social players:  Tennis club members of an EVSTL member club that do not play in EVSTL Rec league or Tencap league are considered social players for the tournament.   These players must have a ratings match to identify their level of play, and an A, B, or C rating within the level.  For entry, this information must be verified by 2 local club ?officials? using the Verification Form.


Tencap players:   With lower confidence levels starting this season, players rating numbers may change considerably in the first 4 weeks, as well as their level.  Players will enter the tournament at the level they are playing as of January 29, even though the final entry date is February 12.  This allows a player to play at the level they played during the last week of January, so if their Tencap number requires they move to a different level between Jan. 29 and Feb. 12, they are still able to play in the tournament, with a teammate they played with before Jan. 29.  A players tencap rating on February 12 however, will be used to determine the seeding for placement in the bracket.  Example:  Jane Doe plays with the 3.5 team at the end of January with a 42 TC, and on Feb 12 she has a 39 (4.0 level).  She will play at the 3.5 level in the tournament.


Much more information is available on the tournament page of our website:

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