I attended my first East Valley Seniors Tennis League meeting on Friday .  Aside from getting lost by the softball diamond and being called an Iowa driver,  the meeting proved to be enlightening.  People who represent their resort do so with a passion and for the most part, a responsible attitude.  There were definite differences of opinion but for the most part the meeting accomplished its goals.  Tencap and Rec tennis provided a good discussion.

Finances seen to be in good order.

From my observations, we seem to be seen as a member with some influence.   A real perk for us was that our past President Ken Borle will serve as the vice president in the upcoming year.  Congratulations Ken.

Several things of note as well

     we will need to get our MCI numbers in asap
    captains/facilitators if you have people available, see if they are willing to play opportunity  matches (OM)
    Rec tennis has roughly 475  players now participating
    Terry Garrett will stay on as the scheduler. He will be making some minor changes to the name of resorts to make your and his job easier.
    the 4.5 and 75 plus league continues to evolve

There are a few bylaw changes that have been proposed for adoption at the March meeting.  I will post them on the bulletin board for your perusal.  If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know.

I will also post my comments to the meeting on your behalf so that you know how you are being represented.

The minutes are posted on the website.

The next meeting is on March 17,2022 at 3:00  at Viewpoint.  I will now know how to get there and will be noted as a driver from Saskatchewan.

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