Our committee was tasked to address club concerns regarding the downward trends in membership and Tencap participation.  Our intentions are not to strike out on our own outside the EVSTL.  We recognize the strength of the league and hope this format will be adopted and run by the EVSTL.  This proposal addresses organization, scheduling, and skill level mobility.

The new league will combine ten cap and recreational tennis into one program which will be referred to as league tennis.  Teams will be formed according to existing organizational policy and use the member’s existing Tencap rating to align with the NTRP ratings format.  The NTRP rating would become effective at the beginning of the season and eliminate the need to stay in the Tencap system.

Each team captain will coordinate with the opponent’s captain to determine the number of lines to be played.  Captains will randomly draw the players to fill those lines on the day of the match.

Match wins will be the major determinant of whether a player moves up or down to the next skill level.  Players can request an appeal for a move to another skill level to a select evaluation committee consisting of members who have extensive coaching and evaluation experience.  This committee will address the appeals and forward their skill level recommendations to the club president.

Please forward any comments positive or negative to Diane Platford at: rpdp@bell.net.

Thank you from our committee.

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