First off, I would like to thank the evaluation committee that dealt with the 1.5 and 2.0 tennis players. You were tasked with a challenging situation, in a limited time frame and with some interesting parameters.  I appreciate the effort, thought and time you have given to this task.

Secondly, to the people who were evaluated, thank you for the patience and understanding  with getting the process completed.  This had never been done before so it was a new experience for everyone.

For those of you who were able to have an evaluation that BOTH moved you at least five points on the tencap scale AND had you move to a different level (these were the criteria we were given), you will be contacted by the captain of your new level as to your practices and playing times and any other information that you may need. Captains please take note of this. If you need further information, let me know.

If you are not contacted by the captains, then you will proceed as you have been prior to the evaluation.  There will be no new tencap number attached as either one or both of the criteria were not attained.

With any evaluation, there can be joy and disappointment. Hopefully, all the players will continue to be challenged and work to improve their game in the weeks to come.

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