Thanks to all who attended…work gets done.

Thank you to the committee who worked on our proposal…lots of good discussion from all of the group and the members of our club.  It shows that we are engaged.    We  have ideas to take forward if needed.

Note to all captains/facilitators….I still want to meet next Monday at the SKybox with you,.  Bring questions and concerns.  Time   4:30

Note to all captains/facilitators….Gerry Maurer is asking that those in charge of the balls for each team, return all unopened cans at the end of your season,  to him,  so that he can do an inventory.  Site #946

Note to all captains/facilitators….thanks for doing all the things necessary that allow our teams to play games….. whether tencap or rec

Note to all mixed doubles ladders players and STARS players….the first round of STARS is being replaced by open courts that will be now used for the mixed doubles ladder group.  Players in the mixed ladder group can use the Saturday morning time of 9:00 to 10:30 to have their challenge matches.   Individual team will need to book their own courts…go for it…

Note to ALL committee leaders….please submit to the president (me) a 5-10 line job description….we need it to attach to the appendix of our bylaws…if you have any suggestions ( like a new name) or concerns please put them in there as well

Note to all Mesa Regal/Val Vista/Apache Wells tennis players….the nominating committee is looking for people who they can cajole into leading committees for next year.  Clubs like ours need volunteers to keep things moving so please consider that if you are approached to lead.  Your services and expertise is(are)? needed.  Also see me if you  are interested.

Note to all Mesa Regal/Val Vista/Apache Wells  tennis players…the executive committee will be looking at the bylaws of the Mesa Regal tennis club for possible changes and updates.  You can find the existing ones on this website under documents.  If you see or want any of them to be changed or perhaps additional ones added, contact that committee so that there can be enough time to propose changes prior to next meeting, the first Monday in March (and that happens to be the 7th as well) at 4:30,,,,, which also is our annual one…

Note to all people reading this…..Take care.  Enjoy life.

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