Well I’ll try this again….I sent the original last night but it did not appear here.   So here we go again….and it will be by memory as the last one did not get saved.  I did not say I was technologically literate.

From the frozen tundra of Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada  this will be my final report.   As I look out my window, I am looking at 6 foot high snow drifts as I write this post on the final day.  And no I was not counting the days until the 31st of March.

Someone has asked me if I had fun with this position.  Truthfully, no.   But did I enjoy it.  Absolutely Yes!  That may sound at total opposites but oh well.   The president position comes with a lot of expected baggage but you need to deal with it.  However, I was able to meet a lot of wonderful people and learn a lot about them.  The presidency gave me that opportunity and that alone made it worthwhile.

It was a challenging and satisfying term.  Right from the get go, with the pinning of locations for the players on the North American map until the final EVSTL report  (which I will include after this one) in March and all the in between changes that were instituted and tried, the year progressed and ended on a positive note.

Several changes have been made in the EVSTL bylaws and the bylaws almost should be required reading for all tennis players so that they will know how decisions impact on their play.  I was very pleased to see some of the changes.  And also hear some of the discussions.   Presidents who represent their own resorts do so with a lot of dedication (and the same pay of yours truly).

The new executive has been put into their positions.  All of the committee members are in place.  Next year’s budget has been approved and I am happy to report that a portion of our surplus  ($5000) has been approved for an emergency/capital fund.  Also another portion will be allocated for new shirts in the next tennis year that will advertise our club.  Our finances are in good shape.

I would like to wish the new executive all the best in the new year.  Randy Law, your incoming president, has had meetings already to keep the lines of communication open.   He will continue to lead the club as the past presidents have done.

I would also like to wish Ken Borle, a successful year as vice president of the EVSTL.  This will be a challenging year and we can be sure that changes will be in the works.

And for the final time of my presidency,  I would like to thank all the people who volunteered their time during the year to make my year as president a rewarding experience.  It is because of you that we all succeed.

Hope to see you all in the fall on the courts.

Take care.



First of all I’d like to say that this has been an eyeopening experience and
very educational. The passion that many of us have for this league and
for the tennis in the valley is noticeable and I commend all of you for the
work that you do for your club. To those of you who are incoming
presidents I wish you a successful year.
There are a couple of things I wanted to address.
there needs to be some mechanism to stop tencap flu season. Perhaps
fines to the offending club with monies going to a president’s party at the
endow the year could be one solution. But something should be
Very glad to see the back and forth movement of re and tencap death
with. It caused considerable headaches this year.
I was told by several of my players that new balls were not always being
used for each new match. I believe this should be a requirement from
the league. Our players even went as far to say that if a club could not
supply balls for a new match to let them know and they would bring their
own. It seems unfair that first players start with new balls but not the
Our proposal as I have indicated was an attempt to get discussion on a
system that was not working for our members.Hopefully next year will be
more fulfilling.
Team play had vanished from evstl and I am happy to see some changes
to encourage the back to team play concept.
Have fun next year. See you on the courts.

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