Fellow MRTC Members,

Labor Day is behind us and it will not be long before your summer residences will be in your rear view mirror.  Time went by quickly once again for us as I am sure it did for you.  Mary Anne and I were busy entertaining Nicholis and Brooklyn and vice versa.  I made numerous trips to Iowa to visit my dad who still lives on the farm by himself.  Events and Texas and Montana also added to a busy schedule.  Tennis will be a welcome break.

There are two tennis tournaments that will be held at the beginning of the season.  It is not too late to enter either event.  The Venture Out Fall Classic will be held the last week of October.  Entry must be submitted by next Thursday.  This is a great tournament to tune up for the season.  All teams are guaranteed three and can play up to six matches during the week.  The LW Tournament is in November and is not limited to veterans.  They receive a $5 discount.  Grab a partner, have some fun, and get a jump start on the season!

Mesa Regal had what appeared to be a microburst this summer.  It caused considerable damage to some properties.  I hope you were spared.  The rains added to the the court damage and repairs should be complete before the season starts.  The proposed on-site bathroom facilities did not get into the budget for this year, but I am assured it will be for the upcoming year.  Considering the rather large increase in resort fees it would be nice to see some of that money go into better facilities for our tennis club.  We will try to keep that issue alive.

One of the biggest concerns going into last year was the confusion generated by a lost year of play due to the pandemic and the new split team schedules.  EVSTL leadership has been working tirelessly this summer to ensure that the number of matches available will increase for both rated and rec schedules.  Captains and Facilitators will be participating in training sessions via zoom meetings the latter part of this month.  There will also be in-house training as a follow-up.  This should reduce the chaos that often results from implementing new operational procedures.  Schedules are posted on the MRTC and EVSTL web sites.  Thanks for your efforts to make this new season successful.

I am looking forward to the Arizona sunsets.  I hope you are too.  See you soon.

Randy Law,

President, MRTC

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