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The Venture Out Fall Classic Tennis Tournament is just around the corner!  It will be held from Oct. 24-29 at our neighbor park, Venture Out.  It is a men’s and women’s doubles tournament with a guarantee of three matches for each team.  Mesa Regal has 8 teams entered and includes players from Val Vista Village.  The schedule of play for Monday and Tuesday is listed below.  I will send an email update each evening with the results of that day’s matches and the next day’s schedule of play.  MR is very good about supporting our teams with cheering fans in the stands!

Venture Out is located nearby…just east of MR at the corner of Higley and Main.  Parking is limited and the tournament officials encourage carpooling or biking to the event.  Ample seating is provided, both shaded and sunny.  Restrooms are located nearby.  Food and beverages have been offered for sale in the past but I’m not sure about this year. Courts 1-6 are located at the main tennis complex (just follow the signs from the entrance) and Courts 7-8 are located just forward from the entrance kiosk.  Shuttle service is available back and forth between the two venues.  You will be asked some quick questions at the entrance kiosk and given a parking permit to use for the week.

Players, please review this schedule and let me know by email or phone if you see any information that is incorrect. I will send out corrections as needed.

The website information, schedules, draws, and match results can be found at this link: 2022 Fall Classic (google.com)


9:00  Sandy Howard/Marcie Rackow  3.5W  Ct. 5

10:30  Susan Ford/Peggy Hoolsema  3.5W  Ct. 2

1:30  Bill Diedrich/Randy Law  3.5M  Ct. 2

Judy Farlow-Chislett/Sandy Dymock  2.5W  Ct. 3

Bob Berry/Scott Gould  4.0M  Ct. 7



9:00  Don Dymock/Rick Preston  2.0M  Ct. 6

10:30  Christy Granard/Diane Platford  3.0W  Ct. 4

12:00  Rick Gamache/Ron Hoolsema  3.0M  Ct. 7


Respectfully submitted,

Margie Crofoot, court reporter



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