There seems to be some confusion as to match and time assignments. I hope this list is less confusing. On Friday if you will please show up 15 minutes early and check in with me so that you can see the score sheet and possible rule changes for this event.

Friday 12.00 court 1 Clive Sands. Court 2 Pat Mcwherter court 3 Ron Stoesz court 4 Wayne Krausnick

Friday 1.30 court 1 Glen Evoy court 2 Clovis Martin court 3 Pat Oflarety court 4 Lee Findlay

Friday 3.00 court 1 Ron Hoolesma court 2 Peggy Hoolesma court 3 Larry Witt court 4 Nancy Peterson

Friday 4.30 court 1 Darryl Walls court 2 Maryann Harding court 3 Margo Ludwig court 4 Cathrine Degranpre

Saturday 9.00 court 1 Sandy Howard court 2 Wayne Krausnick court 3 Jerry Johnson court 4 Toni Johnson

Saturday 10.30 court 1 Pat Mcwherter court 2 Glen Evoy court 3 Win Clow  4 Allen Clow

Saturday 12.00 court 1 Lee Findlay court 2 Ron Stoesz court 3 Clovis Martin court 4 Pat Oflarety

Saturday 1.30 court 1 Margo Ludwig court 2 Nancy Peterson court 3 Darryl Walls court 4 Cathrine Degranpre

Sunday 12.00 court 1 Win Clow court 2 Allen Clow court 3 Wayne Krausnick court 4 Glen Evoy

Sunday 1.30 court 1 Jerry Johnson court 2 Clive Sands court 3 Lee Findlay court 4 Peggy Hoolsema

Thank you all for service

Allen Clow



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