Mesa Regal management contacted me today informing us that tennis players from other Cal-Am parks would no longer be allowed to play here at MR (a corporate decision).  They stated that they had it on good authority that VDO players were coming in to play. I found their words interesting being that less than a month ago I sent them a detailed letter outlining that we did if fact have players from other Cal-Am parks playing in the Recreational league and that were complying with all corona virus protocols (masks, distancing).    The Recreational Tennis Program has been highly successful.  I have asked the captains to continue with the program but only with MR players. This is regrettable.  A couple of points:

    I really like our REC format because it gives everyone wanting to play, a chance to play. (vs a small click of players excluding others)
    The captains have tried to rotate pairing where possible.
    I will be appealing the decision to Cal-Am corporate. They are generally not very responsive, but we must try.
    It is important that members be cautious about inviting guests to play. It looks like we have someone out there looking to catch us breaking the rules.


The EVSTL board met on Tuesday (Zoom Mtg).  Not knowing whether we would be past the Covid threat, boarder closing, and park restrictions, its difficult to make plans. Normally we submit our teams by April 15.  We are now shooting for September or even November 1.  It was suggested that we move the season opening to December 1.  Please watch your club mail next week. Albano and I are going to send out a survey on your return plans and you leaning toward 10-Cap vs REC tennis or combination of both assuming the virus issue is resolved. Please give us your best guess.

The board plans to resume 10-Cap league play and offer Recreational Tennis running parallel with 10 Cap.  I am not sure how the two will co-exist at this point. (E.g can a person play 10 Cap one week and Rec the next?)  Expect the road back to tennis to be bumpy.  My biggest concern is that the league play continues with parks playing each other on a weekly basis.  Overwhelmingly, people are enjoying MR’s REC tennis program.  If people cannot alternately play both 10 Cap and Rec., will we be able to field teams at all levels? We will keep you posted.

I sent out a separate email sharing our need to find the Web Site Coordinator for next year.  I am really hoping one of you will step up to this position.

Cal-Am installed the touchless water fountain with attached water bottle filler in the skybox.  Seems to be working fine.

Another lengthy email, but I wanted to share as much as I could.

Hope everyone stays safe.

Ken Borle

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