We are asking you to review your Tennis web site password.  Here is why:

In recent weeks there has been attempts to hack into our web site.  Gary Nault and Al Lima have investigated this and were able to determine that no information was compromised.  It would appear they were trying to access or server and ultimately member information. Never- the- less we are faced with several options. We can remove all club member information (e.g. Names, phone number and email addresses), improve members password security, or leave everything as is.  The executive committee feels options one and three are not the best course, leaving us with option two, which is to make sure everyone’s password is strong and unique to our web site.

Back ground

As you all know our Mesa Regal Tennis Club has a new website where we can look at information about our team and about other members, make court reservations, check upcoming events, sign up for them, pay dues online, communicate with each other and much more!

Because we keep our personal information stored in our database it is very important to protect our privacy.

One point of vulnerability of any website is the username and password of its users. For this reason, passwords need to be difficult to discover by guessing and trying. They need to be STRONG passwords.

The password provided to you by the website is a strong password. If you are using this password, no further action is required. But if you have changed it to something simple (such as a pet’s name), the website will ask that you change it back to a strong password.  (10 characters or more, numbers, capitals, special characters).  If you are using your password for other applications, we are also asking you to change it to a password used exclusively for the tennis web site.

Everyone, this is not a burdensome request. Once you change to a strong password, write it down or save it. You won’t need to re-key it often.   Just have the website  “Remember Me” and don’t log out. You will never have to sign in again on that device. We do need every member to take a few minutes for this.  Thank all of you for this.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact webmaster@mrtennis.org.

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