Last season Apache Wells/Val Vista asked to join the Mesa Regal Tennis Club.  At that time, our club declined the proposal.  The executive committee has given this issue additional thought as circumstances have changed since last year.  We would like our club to reconsider that decision.

Because some of our teams were short players, our team captains invited 20 AW/VV players (11 ladies & 9 men) to join Mesa Regal.  These players are now on our rosters. VV/AW has, at most, 63 members.  Based on non-returners, injuries and aging out, that number will likely be much less leaving them without numbers to form teams.

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Reasons to support this proposal:


    First, it is right for Mesa Regal and right for AW/VV. They are a neighbor sister park that does not have the numbers for an effective club.  We have already invited 20 of their players to join us and now can give the rest of their players an opportunity to play.
    We will need more players at a number of levels to fill our rosters. That is why our captains invited these players to join us.
    This should NOT have any significant impact on your playing tennis and access to courts. As in the past, we will form multiple teams where we have enough players.  I have talked to many of our coaches and we can add these players to our practices and game day matches. They will not otherwise be using our available court times.
    The addition of Recreational Tennis will impact the numbers playing 10-Cap. We will need these additional players.
    They are financially sound and will carry their weight. They will be paying the full MRTC dues.
    There is no reason the addition of these players will distract from the focus to being a Mesa Regal Team. They are a bicycle ride away. We have been playing recreational tennis with many of their players this season and friendships formed quickly. They will be asked not to wear their colors, but instead MR white/blue or other neutral colors.  These players will be invited to our social events.
    AW/VV not only has some great players, but also so excellent leaders committed to tennis. They can be a great resource.
    This is to be a one-year trial. I understand that is difficult to undo decisions, but if it does not work, we can go back to MR only.


I understand that change is always met with a certain degree of skepticism, but there is a climate of change on the way for all of the EVSTL members.  Let’s manage that change with our AW/VV neighbor.  This proposal has the unanimous support of the executive committee. We are asking for your support to invite AW/VV to join us next season.


Mesa Regal and AW/VV

Team Combining

Level                          VV Currently           Possible       Combined

of Play           MR     on MR Roster         Additions     Team


1.5 L                16                    2                      0                      18        3 teams


1.5 M               13                    3                      0                      16        2 teams


2.0L                 12                    2                      0                      14        2 teams


2.0 M               17                    0                      8                      25        3-4 teams


2.5L                 8                      0                      3                      11


2.5M                8                      4                      0                      12        2 teams


3.0L                 5                      4                      0                      9


3.0M                12                    0                      11                    23        3 teams


3.5L                 7                      0                      9                      16        2 teams


3.5M                13                    0                      11                    24        3 teams


4.0L                 5                      3                      0                     8


4.0M                10                    2                      0                      12        1-2 teams



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Thank you.

Ken Borle

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