Hello Mesa Regal Tennis Players:

I am sending this email on behalf of Ken Borle.

Despite all the uncertainties, EVSTL needs to start planning for next year’s play. MR needs to let the league know how many teams to include at each level. We need the following information from you.  You may not be sure of your plans, but we need your best guess, which means a yes or no response.  Maybe it doesn’t help. LET’S ALSO ASSUME THE BORDERS ARE OPEN!  We apologize for being this direct, but we really do need your prompt response.

I know a number of you have already answered these survey questions regarding your plans to play tennis next season. The manual survey unfortunately omitted many new members, or players not on the active ten cap teams (e.g. people unavailable due to injury or not in the park).  We apologize for this redo, but this will make our results much easier to interpret. 

Your answers will replace all previous surveys.

Please click on the link below to answer all questions and at the bottom of the survey form click on the Submit button. Please note that there are three required questions and without an answer the survey will not go through: Your Name, Will you likely be returning to Mesa Regal next season provided our borders are open? and Your Current Likely Level of Play


After you click the Submit button you should receive the following message:

Thanks for completing the survey. We will publish the results after we receive all entries.

If you have any trouble completing the survey or if you don’t receive the message above please contact webmaster@mrtennis.org


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