Good Morning everyone.  You all should have received Albano’s survey link yesterday regarding your intentions for tennis play next season.  We are getting a good response, but I do want to urge each of you to complete it asap.  we really need this information to plan for next fall.

Several members expressed confusion as to what Recreational Tennis is. Here is a quick summary:

10-Cap League play is what most of us know.  The player is entered into the 10-Cap system. As the player plays matches, the games won and lost are entered into 10-Cap. Based on the relative strength of your partner and opponents, your 10-Cap score is recalculated ultimately  adjusting your player score up or down. Your level of play (e.g.2.5) is determined by your score. Matches are between various EVSTL member resorts and matches are pre-scheduled. (not show up and play)

Recreational League is also play between the various EVSTL resorts. Matches are also scheduled based on players relative level of play.  This is not social tennis where people of different levels show up and play. Matches are also pre-scheduled.  There are several differences between Rec and 10-Cap.  With Rec. tennis, match results are not recorded and does not impact your 10-Cap number.  Second, if you want to move up to a higher level of play, you can play 10-Cap matches which can change your score, or you may request a player evaluation.  This does not change your 10-Cap score but can change your level of Rec Play.

I hope this is helpful.

What is next?

We will use your survey responses to determine how many teams we need to schedule at various levels.  If you are going to play either 10-Cap or Rec Tennis, you will be placed on a team.  If there are multiple teams at the same level, we will elect captains. The captains will then divide up the players according to MR Bylaws. This may not happen until next fall.

I will share the survey results soon and continue to update you on the rollout of Recreational and 10-Cap league play for next season.

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