First the GOOD NEWS:  We woke up this morning to reports that the border will be opening to vehicle traffic in November. We don’t have any specifics yet but it is good news.

Some important updates for our Tennis club:

     The courts are not in good condition. Court 3 is not playable. For safety reasons, I strongly recommend you not attempt to play on it.  We do have a ball machine on that court. The receiving end of the court may be OK for using the ball machine.  Please use caution when playing on courts 2 and 4. They have some chips and cracks.
    I met with Cal Am’s maintenance supervisor.  They are going to try to repair courts 2 and 4 at least to make them usable.  Hopefully they will start this work next week. They are going to bring in some additional workers from other Cal-Am parks to help. They are also going to meet with a company that repairs tennis courts to see how court 3 can best be repaired.  Like everywhere else, they are having trouble finding workers.  We will know more on this, perhaps next week.
    I explained that our league play starts in November and we really need the courts.  IMPORTANT   If workers come to work on the courts, please stop play and give them access. The supervisor shared that on occasion, players asked the workers to come back later and asked why the work hadn’t been done earlier.  Do not do that.  While it would be nice to have all the work done in the summer, the supervisor explained they cannot proceed with court maintenance until after the Monsoon season. This an ongoing problem based on the location of the courts.  Just let them get the job done.
    Good News: Mesa Regal (Cal-Am) has purchased Infared heaters for the skybox, and they hope to begin installing them next week.  We will keep the propane heaters for now as supplemental use. They also talked about installing plastic screens along the street side of the skybox to cut down on heat loss when using the heaters.  They asked us to set up procedures to make sure the heaters are turned off when not needed.  We will come up with a plan.
    I think Cal-Am is trying to address our clubs’ concerns.  If you have a maintenance issue that affects the tennis club, please go through Darryl Walls, our president (or me until Darryl arrives) rather than directly to the park staff.  I think we will get better results this way.
    Tennis play has started and friends are trickling in.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Travel safe.

Ken Borle

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