Well we are off and running, I think.  3.5s played yesterday. 2.0 played today.  Tomorrow 3.0s, Thursday 4.0s and 1.5s, with 2.5s on Friday.  You can check the schedule for home vs away. We are really waiting for many of our Canadian members to arrive.  Here is some information, not in any particular order.

The EVSTL 4.5 Men play at Mesa Regal this Friday.  They have four courts and start at 9:00 AM  Come down and watch. (bring your own coffee etc.) Should be excellent tennis.

Court 3 is ready for play!! It looks great.  Manny (Cal-Am Maintenance Director) told me he and Tower Point  director attended special training in court resurfacing and maintenance. They are going to try finish court 4 this week and move on to court 2.

Reminder, our club meeting has been rescheduled to Monday Nov 8 at the skybox.  Later on we may have to move to Regal or Royal Hall, but lets give this a try. Meeting is at 4:30 PM

Our court reservations system is up and running. Thank Harold Paterson for the schedule and Albano Lima for the Skybox computer set up.

Everyone returning: You must contact your captain if you want to be scheduled in the league play, whether Rec or 10-Cap.

There needs to be more information about 10-Cap vs Rec Tennis than I can write up here.  For Nov and December they are essentially the same.  In 10-Cap  you must abide with the rules for 10-Cap numbers and play up/play down criteria. Rec is very open to play ups/downs regardless of scores. Neither will record match play results. But for reasons that elude me, EVSTL  is attempting to separate players between the two often will two separate captains and schedules.  Please everyone have patience.  Give these things time to work out.  Captains, thank you for your patience.

FYI  MR Tennis will follow MR Resort rules foe covid.  If you have been vaccinated, you do not have to wear a mask. If you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask in close proximity of others and inside buildings.  We will be discussing the rules for coffee and food at our meeting. When ever possible practice social distancing.

Thanks to all those who helped getting the ball machines down and cleaning the skybox .  It feels like home again.

Mondays meeting has a very full agenda. Please try to attend.

Important:  We have a lot of people returning in the next several weeks. We don’t really know who and how many.  We put in the court reservation schedule based on known practice times and usual numbers of players. With so many players yet to arrive, our courts are booked for more courts than we need for practice and play.  We also have to unblock courts when the team is actually playing an away match. We are working to remove the reservations so others can reserve them and play.  This is going to take some time.  It is very likely that if you want to play, there will be open courts.  Again, we are asking for your understanding.

The captains list is attached.

We are looking forward to everyone’s safe return.









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