First off, let me thank those 18 or so people who came out to the scorekeeping clinic to review their skills or learn the process.  Your time and effort was much appreciated.

Secondly, Clovis Martin is looking for people to fill the ranks of the scorekeeping family.  We are in need of more so that “many hands , can make idle work”.  It is not fair for a few to take on an unnecessary load so the rest can play.  I am asking the captains again, to put forward names of people who will do the job…and also any non players, if you wish to contribute, feel fee to contact Clovis.

Thirdly, both tencap play AND recreational play will require scorekeeping.  After some discussion, a decision was made to have scorekeepers for the 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 levels for now, with 3.5 and 4.0 levels not requiring such.  However, if the 3.5 or4.0 feel that they must have a scorekeeper, then by all means contact Clovis.  This will be re evaluated as we head into the new year and league play that will be recorded.  Since there is no EVSTL requirements for reporting scores until after Christmas, this is a great time to help out and get the experience.

Fourthly, I am asking the captains to be diligent on the above work.  Contact Clovis for both the tencap and recreational scorekeepers.  Both are important components of our tennis family.

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