FOUR important announcements


     This Friday January 7, 2022 (I’m putting 22 so that I begin to do that regularly), will be the last day for open practice for all levels that is being taught by Donna Lamb.  All other practice times remain in place and at the same time.

2.  Men’s Singles second round signup sheet will be posted today.  New players, please sign up.  Leave your phone number and email address so that you can be contacted for the second half schedule.   Fee remains the same  $5 for Pizza and beer.

3.  Be on the watch for a doubles ladder tournament, or some thing in that area,  in the near future.  There is a vicious rumour going around of some possible matches.   If you are interested in mixed doubles, this may be for you.


4.   I forgot what the fourth one was, but if I remember within the next day, I will post it under some other heading.  The joys of getting older!!

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