A couple of announcements to increase awareness….

     The mixed doubles ladder tournament has been allocated the 9:00 o 10:30 time slot to play some games.  It’s a great time in the morning to do this.  You still need to challenge another team.  Once that is done one of the teams needs to book a court. It can be at any time but the Saturday time slot is ideal for play.
    A captains/facilitators meeting is scheduled for 4:30 in the SKybox.  Pleases bring any concerns to that meeting.
    the CaAm fun tournament at Towerpoint is scheduled for February 19.  Draws will be posted as soon as they are available.
    Players in the singles group need to complete their matches.  If you aren’t playing on Sunday, please get your results in as soon as you play.
    Be thinking about how you wish your vote to be cast as to whether Rec tennis will continue in the EVSTL.  A vote will be taken at the March meeting.
    Committee leaders don’t forget to send me the 5-10 sentence job description so that these can be added to the appendix.

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