MRTC Officers and Committee Coordinators for 2022-2023

(Revised 2/15/22)

Officers for 2022-2023:

President                               Randy Law

Vice President                      Karl Dekeukelaere

Secretary                               Diane Borle

Treasurer                              Cyndi Griffiths

Ten Cap Coordinator           Wayne Krausnick

Past President                       Darryl Walls


Coordinators for 2022-2023:

Website                                              Wayne Krausnick & Al Lima

Financial Auditor                                 Ron Stoecz

Membership Registrar                       Sue Yoggerst

First Aid                                               Joan & Sam Curtis

Tennis Balls                                        Gerry Mauer

Court Reservations                             Harold Patterson

Court Maintenance                             Gary Scott

Clothing Sales                                     Mary Ann Harding

Instruction & Coaching                       Jerry & Toni Johnson

Skybox Bulletin Board                         Diane Borle

Ball Machines                                      Chuck MacDonald

Scorekeepers                                      Alan & Win Clow

Captains Mentor                                 Dave White

Tournament Reporter                         Margie Crofoot

Stars & Stripes vs Maple Leafs           Pat McWherter & Carol Robb

Pizza/Bean Bag Toss                           Sue Yoggerst & Rosie Delaney

Social Tennis                                       Dale Brooks

ASU Tennis                                          Ken Borle

Cal Am Fun Day                                   4.0 men                       2022-2023

3.5 women                  2023-2024

3.5 men                       2024-2025, etc.

(This pattern will continue until all teams have had a turn.)

1.5 Breakout Tourney                         Reg & Brenda Boulet, Ralph & Audrey Winkler

Tennis/Pickleball Mixer                      Mary Ellen Benjamin

STARS Round Robin                            John Jurzyniec

Kitchen Supply Coordinator                Pat McWherter

Sunshine Reporter                              Mary Ellen Benjamin

Welcome Back Potluck                       Mary Ann Harding & Diane Borle

Fun Day & Turkey Shoot                     Nino and Gail Arienzale

Ladies Christmas Luncheon                 Deb Downey

Christmas Dinner/Dance                     Cathy Berry

Farewell Party                                     Mike & Deb Downey

Club Reporter                                      Ruth Cohen

Tournaments                                      Catherine DeGrandpre

Posted 2/18/22

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