A couple of things.
Captains,  I need your count of players for next year in tencap and recreational tennis.  Also we would like to have as many captains as possible in place for next year. (If you have enough players for more than 1 team, you need more than 1 captain.  Also recreational players, you need to choose a leader as well because captains won’t be in charge of rec tennis.

I have only received job descriptions from about 5 committee leaders.  We have way more committees than 5 so please forward your 5-10 sentence description of what you do as soon as possible.

Please don’t start rumours.  The AAC (Aquatic Advisory Committee) has enough work to do.

After the evstl season is over,  the plan is to continue with some sort of similar schedule so that players still have time to play within their levels   Please bring up any difficulties this may create

It was great to see so many Mesa Regal/Val Vista players at Towerpoint for the CalAm Fun Day   Yes it was a fun day.  Thanks  Jim Gawluk.

Finally, the updated bylaws will be posted soon.  Have a look at them and come prepared to vote on their adoption.  They will be on the bulletin board and website.

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