A big thanks to all members who attended the annual meeting. Lots of good”stuff” got done.  Our financial situation is good. Our membership is about 260 members. All of the executive positions are filled. All the committee positions are filled (thank you to our nominating committee). We will need some captains and facilitators to take over some positions on our teams so please think about it if your group requires one for next year.
Two new positions on the executive were created. One is the past president who will sit ex officio on the board.  The other is a captains’ coordinator who will assist captains and facilitators next year.  We also updated many of our bylaws that were in need of change.
Another item that was included in our budget was a section that will finance Mesa Regal Tennis  shirts that each person who registers with the club will receive next year. We, as you may know, have room in our budget to account for this.
Some time next week a clean up and inventory will take place.  We will need all hands on deck to get this done.  I will give a couple days notice.  No tennis will be played that morning so there should be enough people to do the job.
Even though there were some challenging times this year, it has been an honour and a pleasure to serve as the president of this active and robust club. I wish the incoming executive all the best in the following year.
To each and every member of our group, a safe journey home if you travel and a healthy and enjoyable spring and summer.  Hope to see you in the fall.

SK boy.

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